Image by Jaye Haych

Negative Energy & Unwanted Entities

Reading & Cleansing

for your Home


It can be hugely disturbing when we feel ill at ease in our own homes, this is the place for rest and rejuvenation and where we should feel safe and nurtured.

Unfortunately there are always energies at play that we don't understand, as well as dealing with being uncomfortable in our homes others are rarely able to understand when we try to explain strange feelings or goings on, which can make us feel alone in dealing with these situations.

I have received such amazing feedback from clients who have received these home clearings, there is nothing more satisfying than hearing they and their families feel a sense of calmness and neutrality in their homes, and are now able to feel relaxed and at ease and fall in love with the energy of their home again.

These readings are helpful for...

  • Unexplained Conflicts between family members or repeated patterns of negative behaviour. 

  • Negative emotions or feelings of anger and upheaval within yourself or from an outside source. 

  • Exaggerated anxiety and general unease, a feeling that something is going to happen.

  • Issues with sleep or feeling drained and unmotivated even after sleep. 

  • A feeling of not belonging in your own home. 

  • A sense of a presence that can't be seen. 

  • Spaces within the home that feel uncomfortable or that are avoided by pets & children. 

  • Problems with sleep, anxiety, confusion and lack of focus within the home.


I will present my findings by phone and a full written account of my findings along with explanations of how these will have been affecting you and your families will be received so you can refer back as needed. 

I will complete a full energetic cleansing of the property & land as well as free any earth bound souls or entities that may be causing disruption. 


I do not need to be present at the address to do this work,

all I need is the address and permission from the owner/renter who is financially 

& energetically responsible for the property.