About The Soul Order and Our Partners 

Hi I’m Vinny, founder of The Soul Order, a one woman business which offers Healing Crystals from all over the world, personally chosen by myself for their healing properties, energies and beauty.

The Soul Order seemed like a distant dream, until I delved into some personal development and started walking a path I’d been missing for many years, then during lockdown number one I was gifted the space I needed to become a Soul Realignment Practitioner, I made some life changing choices, left my 9-5 job and opened my business.

After losing my furry soul mate, Foley, I didn't feel it was ethical to practice for a while but still needed to pay the bills so I delved further into Healing Crystals expecting this to be a much loved but temporary course correction, well, I could never imagine how much I’d learn in such a short space of time, how many wonderful people I’d meet and how much my little business would grow.

What an amazing opportunity the Universe seemed to have offered, just as we were all looking for something uplifting and considering more holistic approaches to aid our physical and mental health.

Partners with Spirit Heart

Holistic Animal Communication

Hi, I am Sarah Edwards-Keeling a UK-based animal healer and communicator, working with animals and their owners, all over the world to help them feel better, perform better and live healthier, happier lives.

I work with clients face-to-face, remotely via video call and by photograph.

When I am not out and about seeing my canine and equine clients, I am passing on my knowledge and experience to those who want to learn how to become animal healers and communicators themselves.

I deliver a range of healing courses and workshops from my base in Derbyshire, UK. I am passionate about sharing my gift with others.

My goal is to help as many animals as possible and to give every animal a voice. For more information on my services, course, and workshops please, visit: www.spiritheartholisticanimaltherapy.co.uk

You can also connect with me on my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/spiritheartholisticanimaltherapy

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