Image by Christian Liebel

What are the Akashic Records? or 'Akash'

How do you access my Soul-Level Information?

When I first started to learn about the Akashic records, I struggled to get my head around it.

I took a leap of faith and while studying Soul-Realignment I tuned into what a mind blowing source of information it was, not just for Soul-Realignment but so much of my work. 

The Akashic Records is an information energy database of epic proportions, quite frankly the full extent of the records is out of our grasp but as spiritual beings we are starting to understand how to tap into its amazing knowledge to supercharge our self-development and create a better understanding of who we are. 

One of the reasons the records are such a powerful resource is that there is no time in the Akashic records, time is not linear, all information is stored as energy which allows us to access all our soul's lives and all the soul level choices we have ever made. 

The records hold the answers to all questions, throughout all of time but are accessible to us here and now.  

We all have the capacity to access the records as they are part of us, we are all made of energy, everything is energy but in varying densities.

On our physical level (or 3rd dimension) we are super dense and compressed and so have solid bodies and need to make actual movements to create change.

On our mental level (or 4th dimension) our mind and ego start to become a lot less dense, although there is a physical brain there are also thoughts, feelings, electromagnetic impulses, we know that if we want something in our lives we can set an intention and think about how to make the physical body work towards those things as well as bringing our minds in line vibrationally with what we are aiming for, we can’t see these thoughts and feelings but we know they’re there and we know they affect how we feel and approach situations.

Then there is the spiritual level (or 5th dimension & above) which is everything else we are unable to see that goes on behind the scenes, our intuition, energy, universal understanding, our soul. 


This is where we can access the wisdom within ourselves and tune into the frequencies of our records and the records of others. 

The energies are so expansive and light that all we need is intent to locate specific information. 

We carry with us such a vast amount of information about all of our lifetimes, going back to when we first came into being.

Born from the Universe and part of the Universe, this is why when we're in tune with our Divine Selves we feel 'At One'

If we can create a solid understanding of the answers we are looking for, and set clear and good intentions we are able to draw on the infinite wisdom available to us from the Akashic Records and receive hugely accurate and specific information to aid ourselves and others on our Spiritual journeys. 

When they say.. the answers are within you, they're not lying!