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Negative Energy Cleansing for Business


A business can draw negative energies from competitors, employees, customers & suppliers to name a few.

On the surface there may be no logical explanation as to why a business is having difficulties, but energetically, there are signs.

Energy lingers long after a situation has been resolved and if there has been a lot of upheaval in recent times or ongoing unease, there may even be a feeling of anger or disruptive energy, this will cause problems for the business.

What a business clearing can help with

  • Anger or other negative energies being directed at the business from outside sources.

  • Creative blocks and stagnation. 

  • Low productivity and general lethargy.

  • Conflicts between employees/business partners.

  • Excessive stress and anxiety with no obvious triggers.

  • Reduced profitability against sales. 

  • Perfect to neutralise and cleanse energies before a new launch, next level up or sale.

My clearing work includes a full energetic cleansing of the building and any land reassignment needed as well as clearing any earthbound souls or disruptive entities.

A telephone presentation & discussions about my findings and a written document with a breakdown of the influences these energies have been having on the business and it's employees. 

I do not need to be present at the premises for the clearing work to take place,

I just need the business and permission from the owner/renter who

is financially and energetically responsible for the property.