Image by Matthew Maber

This work is Extremely Empowering!

I call it ‘work’ because although I channel your Soul-Level information for your reading and offer guidance and clearing, for this to be completely transformational, it’s YOU that will make the choices that allow you to continue your development at the physical level and create your best life.

I access your Akashic Records with your full permission and discover your Energy Centre information, Soul Origins as well as past-life and present-life blocks and restrictions currently holding you back, giving you an understanding as to why you struggle with specific issues, why you seem to make the same negative choices time and again, why you’re not feeling fulfilled in your life or how you can advance your spiritual journey.

We then discuss these on an interactive phone call, where I will offer insight and pose questions to get you thinking about your choices and circumstances and between us we come up with some positive new steps you can take that are aligned with who you are at soul-level and where you want your life to go.

This will get you on track to living a fulfilled and spiritually aligned life so you can start to create an experience that frees you from your own hold ups as well as any constraints that others have 'seemingly' brought into your life either past or present.

A Soul Realignment Reading is timeless, your soul information NEVER changes, you are who you are at Soul-Level, your circumstances may change and you will create new situations but the basic information stands for all time throughout all lifetimes, so this is a Once in a Lifetime Reading that can’t be missed if you’re a spiritual human being!