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Welcome to The Soul Order® Creating Soul-Level
Life Experiences

Soul-Realignment for Spiritual Development & Abundant Life Experiences


What is Soul-Realignment?

Soul-Realignment is an Empowering, Informative, Soul-Level Restoration and Therapeutic Reading All in One.



With a lot of spiritual readings we can receive information that we can resonate with and this brings us a sense of comfort, the difference with soul-realignment is that I intend to offer you insight about things you don’t already know about yourself, offering you a way to understand yourself more fully, bringing consciousness about who you are at soul level, what gifts and attributes you hold on an energetic level that could supercharge your spiritual journey and help you to create a more fulfilling life.

We also look at past-life & present-life blocks and restrictions that are making it difficult for you to reach your full potential and create an enjoyable life experience and how to overcome them with a mix of clearing work on a 5th dimensional level and conscious new choices at the physical level. 

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Progress not perfection...

I'm a work in progress as I think we all are, I've muddled through a long term anxiety disorder, controlling and suppressive relationships, lack, addiction issues, trauma & feelings of worthlessness, and I've wondered what on earth  I was doing, at times.

 I've invested heavily in self development & creating a more fulfilling life for myself, on my journey I found  Soul-Realignment.
I couldn't be a bigger advocate for this work, obviously, I became a practitioner so I could offer others a way to supercharge their Spiritual Journey and create a life of abundance that resonates at a Soul Level. 

Still    Got    Questions?
Ask    Me....

If you're looking for answers, whether they relate to the readings I offer or if you want confirmation that this is the correct path for you, right now, to get what you want out of life, I'm more than happy to address your concerns and answer any questions you may have. 

You can expect an honest and down to earth response, I love offering people new tools so that they no longer have to cope with all of life’s challenges, but they can develop in a way that allows them to embrace who they are and find freedom.

I love seeing my clients become empowered in their day to day lives and any answers I can offer at this stage will allow you to make an informed decision on if you'd like to work with me. 

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