Deluxe Soul Realignment

 Interactive Session


Why wouldn't you want to understand yourself more deeply, and gain a fuller insight into who you are at Soul-Level?


Wouldn't it be so much easier to know what your gifts were and be able to tap into the most direct route to success whilst also aligning with who you really are on a Spiritual-Level to allow you to create abundance in all aspects of your life?

Once we understand what draws us to certain people and situations that have a negative impact on our lives and have a better grasp on why 'that thing' continues to be a problem for us or why we find ourselves easily triggered when there is no obvious logical reasoning, things start to fall into place for us and we are able to work on those things and raise our vibration, instead of trying to just cope with these negative impacts on our lives, we can start to make new choices aligned with where we want our lives to be. 

What we cover in this session...


  • Your Energy Centres and what makes you, YOU! 

  • We look at where you are on the scale of these and how to improve the way you use your gifts. 

  • We discover your Soul's Origination or Starseed information.

  • Past & Present-Life situations that are affecting you today and we look at how they show up for you and what new choices you can make to overcome these. 

  • Energy Clearing work to help set you up 
    for your new choices and to clear outdated karmic energy.

  • Clearing homework for you to do ongoing if you choose for 21 days.

Who is this reading perfect for?

It's hard to cover everything, but here are a few reasons you might look to a Soul-Realignment reading... 

  • If you're looking to do some inner work but you're struggling to know where to start.

  • If you're looking for guidance when it comes to specific areas in your life that you're struggling to make a decision on.

  • You feel stuck when it comes to your life path and don't feel fulfilled or content that you're living life to the fullest. 

  • If you're finding the world we live in hard work or are feeling overly sensitive to the negative in the world. 

  • If you're questioning yourself and doubting your choices are really aligned with who you are. 

  • If people or situations in your life are causing you emotional trauma and you would like to learn how to find a better way.