Soul-Level Energy Session


Energy is Everything!

I love these readings, after I gather your information, together we get to delve into your Energy Centres and find out who you are at Soul-Level, we discuss how you're already using your strengths in your life and how you can start to bring more of what resonates with who you really are into your career, personal life and relationships


We look into the way you handle specific situations in your life and how you can manifest more of the energy you want to create.

We each have past and present life soul experiences and some of these affect us in negative ways, we hang on to some of the energies that are linked to these experiences and these can have an impact on how we react to situations and what we bring to our relationships as well as how we see ourselves.

 During our session we discuss how some of these energies affect you and your choices and how you can shift these negative energies on a physical level.

Prior to our session, I intend clearing work on your behalf which if accepted by you can take effect and allow you freedom from any negative Karmic energy. 

These readings are all about creating consciousness and empowering my clients to make positive choices that create new and lasting consequences. 

You are the powerful creator of your experience!