South African Malachite Banded Mini Free Form

South African Malachite Banded Mini Free Form

Malachite absorbs negative energies and smog as well as electrical pollution.

It’s known to be a highly protective and calming stone, bringing emotional balance, helping to stabilize mood changes and anxieties, bringing peace and allowing us to release negative Karma and traumas, gain wisdom of our spiritual selves and develop our understanding of positive transformation. 


As with a lot of green stones, Malachite is linked closely with the heart chakra and allows us to open our hearts to unconditional love, a deeper understanding of ourselves and others as well as learning empathy and the importance of finding happiness in our experience rather than material goals. 


A powerful healing and comforting stone can aid us in navigating the bumps in the road during growth, allowing us to take greater risks and embrace change to become more confident in our choices and happy to lead the way for others.


If you find you hold yourself back from creating abundance in your life, Malachite creates an energy that dispels inhibitions and allows us to understand our mistakes and take responsibility for where we are as well as have the confidence to embrace change and create new outcomes. 


Physically, Malachite has multiple healing properties, if you struggle to maintain information or struggle with spelling or dyslexia, this stone can benefit you. 


It's hugely helpful for the feminine, PMT, period pains, cramps, menopause and labour.


Not to be used in place of treatment but to aid with tumours and cancers it stimulates the immune system as well as the nervous system.

Malachite helps with any bone deficiencies and joint pain, travel sickness and vertigo, it lowers blood pressure and helps the liver to process toxins more efficiently. 

It enables you to gain answers from dreams making them more vivid and meaningful. 

The stone's name derives from the latin words Mallow Green Stone, because of its likeness to the mallow plant. 

First mined here in Britain and then later smelted to obtain copper from mines in Timna Valley in Israel, it is now found in Russia, South Africa, Germany and Arizona to name just a few. 


Chakras -  Heart & Throat 

Zodiac - Scorpio, Libra and Capricorn 

Planet – Venus

Element – Earth

Vibration - Number 9

  • How I choose the crystals....

    I personally hand pick all the crystals you see on my site, I choose pieces that I'm intuitively drawn to because of their positive energy and the energy of the seller or that their beauty just knocks my socks off! 

    Every crystal, mineral or stone is unique so if you order a specific piece, that’s what you will get, you will never get a variation of it, you will get exactly what is shown on the listing, that is my promise to you. 

    Crystals are cleansed and charged with sunlight and Rieki so each piece will arrive with a beautiful energy, ready for use. 

  • Dimensions & Helpful Information

    Hight: 47mm

    Width: 35.8mm

    Depth: 31mm

    Weight: 87g