Sacral Chakra Candle for Creativity & Empowerment

Sacral Chakra Candle for Creativity & Empowerment

These single Chakra Candles are perfect to focus on a specific chakra.

If you're looking to activate your Sacral Chakra this is the one for you, it has a Ylang Ylang scent and is finished with a Carnelian Crytsal.

For: Sexuality, Creativity, Empowerment


These beautiful candles are hand made here in the UK from highly scented soy wax, they come in a quality glass surround and each scent is chosen specifically to aid with the individual Chakra, as if that wasn’t enough, there is a crystal within each candle to help with your relevant chosen Chakra. 


See Chakra Scents and Crytsals in the additional info section attached to this listing for a break down of each of the seven candles in the range or if you'd like to purchase all seven there is a seperate listing which also saves you a few pennies. 


Each candle has a burn time of 20 hours.


  • Chakras, Scents, Crystals

    Root - Stability, Grounding & Prosperity

    Colour - Red 

    Scent - Rose 

    Crystal - Red Jasper 


    Sacral - Sexuality, Creativity, Empowerment

    Colour - Orange 

    Scent - Ylang Ylang

    Crystal - Carnelian


    Solar Plexus - Self-Esteem, Strength, Independance & Purpose

    Colour - Yellow 

    Scent - Leom 

    Crystal - Yellow Jasper


    Heart  - Love, Compassion & Oneness 

    Colour - Green 

    Scent - Jasmine 

    Crystal - Green Aventurine


    Throat - Clear Communication, Creativity, Self-Expression

    Colour - Blue

    Scent - Eucalyptus & Honey 

    Crystal - Blue Lace Agate


    Third Eye - Intuition, Perception, Imagination

    Colour - Purple 

    Scent - Lavender 

    Crystal - Amethyst 


    Crown - Awareness, Higher Self, Connection to the Universe

    Colour - Pink/Violet  

    Scent - Lotus 

    Crystal - Clear Quartz