Polychrome Jasper 'Orby' Large Free Form

Polychrome Jasper 'Orby' Large Free Form

Polychrome Jasper is an uplifting and revitalizing stone which has an earthy energy that offers grounding and nurtures positivity, igniting your life force energy. 


Polychrome Jasper absorbs negative energy and is supporting during stressful periods of our lives, it helps us to face our inner truth, to find our true purpose and follow our dreams in reality with courage, fire and passion.

It centres, balances and calms us, linking our physical and emotional bodies. 


Sometimes referred to as Desert Jasper, because this stone has such ancient wisdom and deep earthy energy it helps us to create a feeling of wholeness, clearing energy blockages relating to all seven chakras allowing for transformation.


Polychrome Jasper renews us with vitality and aids a quick recovery after illness.

Mentaly it encourages creativity, quick thinking, greater use of our imagination and prompts us into action so we can use these energies. 


  • Dimensions & Helpful Information

    Chakras: Root all chakras

    Zodiac Signs: Leo, Pisces, Aquarius

    Element: Fire and Earth

    Planet: Earth


    Hight: 10.5cm

    Width: 9cmcm

    Depth: 6.5cm

    Weight: 850g

  • How I choose the crystals....

    I personally hand pick all the crystals you see on my site, I choose pieces that I'm intuitively drawn to because of their positive energy and the energy of the seller or that their beauty just knocks my socks off! 

    Every crystal, mineral or stone is unique so if you order a specific piece, that’s what you will get, you will never get a variation of it, you will get exactly what is shown on the listing, that is my promise to you. 

    Crystals are cleansed and charged with sunlight and Rieki so each piece will arrive with a beautiful energy, ready for use.