Palo Santo Incense Sticks (20 in each box)

Palo Santo Incense Sticks (20 in each box)

Bursera graveolens, known in Spanish as palo santo ("holy stick"), is a wild tree native from the Yucatán Peninsula to Peru and Venezuela.

The tree belongs to the same family (Burseraceae) as frankincense and myrrh.

It is widely used in ritual purification and as folk medicine for stomach ache, as a sudorific, and as liniment for rheumatism.

According to the local customs, it is used against the "mala energía" (bad energy) 

Palo santo to clean your house of bad energy and for good luck.

 Its use reportedly dates back to the Inca era.

Palo santo is common today as a type of incense, which gives off an aroma reminiscent of baked apples or burnt sugar.

Palo santo oil was used during the time of the Incas for its reputed spiritual purifying properties.

Today, palo santo oil may be applied to the body (such as at the base of the skull or on the spine) to increase relaxation, similar to aromatherapy.

Each box contains 20 sticks.

  • Dimensions & Helpful Information

     Each pack contains 20 incense sticks.

    Fragrance: Palo Santo (reminiscent of baked apple and burned sugar)

    Weight: 43g