Ocean Jasper 'Atlantis Stone' Bracelet with Lotus Flower Charm

Ocean Jasper 'Atlantis Stone' Bracelet with Lotus Flower Charm


Beaded Ocean Jasper bracelet with Lotus Flower Charm, unisex bracelet with quality elasticted clear band for easy removal. 


Ocean Jasper's energies, emotional and etherical benifits:

This stone embodies the ocean's rhythmic tides and encourages us to move with the flow of nature and of life’s circumstances while allowing us to do this with less effort due to it’s amazing calming and peaceful energy.

We are able to let go of negative emotions and things that don’t serve us, find comfort in our breath and be present and focused. 


Relieving pressures and tensions, its soothing water element and its link to the heart chakra has us looking inside ourselves and finding self love and optimism, uplifting us and allowing us to feel protected and safe in the oneness and interconnectedness of all things. 

Ocean Jasper aids us with patience and offers an inner strength as well as a deeper understanding of ourselves, due to its link to the Solar Plexus chakra it has us looking at past issues and seeing things from a new perspective, allowing us to move on and live our full potential and engage in personal growth.

The stone also encourages us to consider karma and balance, Ocean Jasper has us giving out what we want to receive, understanding that good intentions will cycle round.


Physical benefits:

If you have tummy problems, nutritional issues and digestive system issues, Ocean Jasper can calm and soothe these. 

Nausea and vomiting as well as sea sickness and inner ear imbalances are said to be helped by Ocean Jasper as well as elevating the absorption rate of vitamins and minerals. 

This beautiful stone has also been known to stabilize skin disorders including eczema and is considered restorative for the tissue relating to our internal organs. 

Thyroid variance is another difficulty that can be aided by Ocean Jasper.


A bit about the stone/crystal: 

Sometimes refered to as Orbicular Jasper it's one of the most beautifully unique stones, every piece is so different, the colours range from deep greens, pinks, blues, whites, all banded together, often with orbs of multi colours, some of these stones glisten like sand, but this is an illusion as  actually the glistening within these stones is micro crystallized quartz, often these pieces have nooks and crevices and sometimes druzey, and who doesn’t love druzey? The stone is mined at low tide on the shores of Northwest Madagascar and transported by boat. 


Also known as The Atlantis Stone, Ocean Jasper is believed to be linked to the ancient city and to hold mystic knowledge within its structure. It is highly beneficial for reclaiming spiritual wisdom and gaining insight into one’s past lives. It provides an ideal focus for grounding and centering in meditation or healing, and facilitates continuity in deep circular breathing. [Hall II, 163-164][Melody, 347][Lembo, 194]


  • Dimensions & Helpful Information

    Chakras: Solar Plexus and Heart 

    Element: Water

    Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces 

    Planet: Venus