Rainbow Fluorite Carved Free Standing Dolphin

Rainbow Fluorite Carved Free Standing Dolphin

Rainbow Fluorite is a great all round crystal as it balances spiritual energy, helps with grounding as well as increasing our mental & intuitive abilities while allowing us a better grasp of universal consciousness and deeper understanding of others and ourselves. 
Fluorite helps with concentration and decision making as well as bringing clarity.
So it aids all 7 chakras but is mostly linked with the heart chakra. 

Fluorite comes from the latin word ‘flow’ 
It has protective properties, neutralizes negativity and psychic manipulation while encouraging positivity. 
It has the energy of self confidence and helps relieve stress and brings emotions into balance.  

Hight: 8.8cm

Weight: 73g

  • Helpful Information

    I personally hand pick all the crystals you see on my site, I choose pieces that I'm intuitively drawn to because of their positive energy and the energy of the seller or that their beauty just knocks my socks off!

    Every crystal, mineral, stone or specimin is unique so if you order a specific piece, that’s what you will get, you will never get a variation of it, you will get exactly what is shown on the listing, that is my promise to you.

    Crystals are cleansed with water and sage or palo santo then charged with sunlight, I love also adding Rieki energy wherever I can, so each piece will arrive with a beautiful energy.I would always suggest you cleanse and set your own intentions to create a bond with your crystal.

    Element: Air 
    Chakra: Heart Chakra but aids in all seven.
    Astrological Signs: Libra, Pisces, Capricorn. 
    Planet: Mercury
    Numerology: Seven