Coke Calcite 'Root Beer' Crescent Moon

Coke Calcite 'Root Beer' Crescent Moon

Coke Calcite features banding or very unique patterns of light and dark warming browns, it vibrates at such a natural level and to work with Coke Calcite you can feel its natural and earthy energy.


So, how can this mineral help me? 


This Moon is perfect to work with at night, it aids in purifying the auric body, allowing you to get restful sleep and enhance good dreams. 

If you find you repeat behaviour or make choices that prove to be negative for you, Coke Calcite aids in breaking these patterns as well as helping to clear any blocks that might be holding you back from growing into your best self or seeing opportunities which could create happiness in your life. 


If you’re prone to living in your head and find yourself going over old negative memories, Coke calcite enhances the ability to help you tune into the good memories and to intuitively know what you need to heal to move forward, providing hope and new energy for the next possibilities.


Coke Calcite magnifies intentions and healing energies so if you want to send healing or manifest something positive in your life then this mineral will amplify those intentions. 


Releasing creative blockages and grounding us at thye root chakra


It's fantastic for protection and acts as a barrier against negative energy so great to have pretty much anywhere you might encounter these, if you're struggling with disruptive people or disagreements it’s perfect to keep close by. 

Coke Calcite is a cleansing crystal which can bring peace to the people in its presence. 

It helps with bringing emotions into balance and increases your awareness of prosperity and opportunities which can allow you to create a more abundant and happy life.


If you are embarking on any kind of learning journey this mineral is one of the best for you it allows you to see things from a different perspective and is great for any kind of academics as it increases mental powers of analysis and memory.



Physically, it helps to increase the metabolism which can help with weight loss or stabilising weight as well as giving more energy and vitality.

Calcite in general helps joints, bones and muscles, anything related to calcium, so can help to maintain healthy nails and teeth as well. 

Calcium is also needed for our nerves to send signals to and from our brain.

If you’re lacking in vitamins and minerals, again, if you focus on bringing those into balance, Calcite will help the absorption rate. 

  • Dimensions & Helpful Information

    Hight: 66mm

    Depth: 13mm

    Width: 34.8mm

    Weight: 30g


    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Pisces

    Chakra: Solar Plexus 

    Planet: Jupiter 

    Element: Water 

    Number: 8

  • How I choose the crystals....

    I personally hand pick all the crystals you see on my site, I choose pieces that I'm intuitively drawn to because of their positive energy and the energy of the seller or that their beauty just knocks my socks off! 

    Every crystal, mineral or stone is unique so if you order a specific piece, that’s what you will get, you will never get a variation of it, you will get exactly what is shown on the listing, that is my promise to you. 

    Crystals are cleansed and charged with sunlight and Rieki so each piece will arrive with a beautiful energy, ready for use.