Chrysocolla Tower for bringing Harmony to the Home

Chrysocolla Tower for bringing Harmony to the Home

Chrysocolla has a really soothing and nurturing energy, if you’re not ready to deal with hidden emotions but would like a soothing, calming stone this is the perfect gemstone for you, it can help reassure and shield us until we’re ready to process deep emotions. 


If you have been feeling guilt, heavy emotions or need to overcome destructive programming this stone can aid you. 


If you struggle with mental tension, stress, frustration or have issues with your nervous system then this beautiful gemstone is perfect. 


Chrysocolla brings harmony and purification to the home and mind, allowing for compromises and calming feelings of upset, it can help us to see things with clarity and find solutions whilst reducing nervousness and irritability. 


It can increase healing of the heart and allow love and sensitivity. 


If there is aggression in your life and problems with anger and frustration from others or if you’re struggling yourself then Chrysicolla is said to bring calming, tranquility, patience and tolerance. 


Ancient Egyptians called this beautiful copper gem “the wise stone” as it inspires reconciliation and negotiations, Cleopatra wore Chrysocolla jewelry for its benefits. 


Native American Indians embraced this gemstone for it’s wise energy and link to the oneness of the Universe and Nature, bringing peace, harmony, unconditional love, a link to our higher intuition and clear thinking. 


Also said to aid an increase in our bodies resistance to falling ill there is a list of suggested physical healing benefits below. 


Chrysicolloa is said to have its roots in Tibet and Africa where legend has it being used there in healing and then traditionally by the Apache Indians. 


Chrysocolla can boost prosperity, luck and happiness which I certainly can agree with, I also find it inspiring and helps when accessing creativity and motivation as well as aiding with truthful self expression.


Chrysocolla has similar benefits to turquoise and works really well alongside it. 


Physical Healing: 

Great for women who suffer with PMS and menstrual cramps.

Arthritis, issues with bones, strengthens muscles and elivates cramps and spasms.

Blood disorders, oxygenates the blood and cellular structure of the lungs aiding with breathing.

Regulates insulin

Heals infections, lowers blood pressure and soothes burns. 

Great for balancing the thyroid and helps maintain a healthy metabolic system, eases ulcers and aids digestion.

Detoxifies the liver and kidneys.



Weight: 80g

Hight: 11cm

Width: 2cm