Blue Aragonite Quirky Free Form

Blue Aragonite Quirky Free Form

Turquoise Blue Aragonite has a calming and cleansing energy which creates inner peace, helping with anxiety, depression and stress relief.

If you struggle with an active mind and switching off or find you’re affected by others energies this stone is fantastic to aid.

Perfect to hold while meditating, it's balancing and stabilising, it encourages patience and trust in yourself and others and helps the user to be present in the moment. 


Just having this Calcite based crystal in your home can cleanse negative energies and create a sense of calm in the environment, it lifts the vibrations to aid with emotional understanding, provides hope and enhances motivation. 


If you’re looking to learn more and tune into your higher self you’ll gain insight, wisdom and knowledge using Aragonite.

It can help you to tune into your intuition and aid with inspiration, expanding awareness and creating clarity around opportunities and giving a sense of purpose while enhancing mental abilities. 


Blue Aragonite is the perfect stone for new beginnings, transformation and growth.

If you have psychic abilities or would like to enhance your intuitive or channeling ability then this blue Calcite is perfect for you. 


It creates consciousness and aids with attunement and communication with other realms as well as lucid dreaming and astral travel. 

Aragonite tends to amplify or supercharge intention, healing, ascension and growth.  

It also has the power to allow us greater understanding of our dreams, making them more vivid, it’s also been reported to enhance lucid dreaming and astral travel. 


Physical properties include boosting the immune system and offering more energy and vitality.

Calcite in general helps joints, bones and muscles, anything related to calcium, so can help to maintain healthy nails and teeth as well. 

Calcium is also needed for our nerves to send signals to and from our brain.

If you’re lacking in vitamins and minerals, again, if you focus on bringing those into balance, Calcite will help the absorption rate. 


  • How I choose the crystals....

    I personally hand pick all the crystals you see on my site, I choose pieces that I'm intuitively drawn to because of their positive energy and the energy of the seller or that their beauty just knocks my socks off! 

    Every crystal, mineral or stone is unique so if you order a specific piece, that’s what you will get, you will never get a variation of it, you will get exactly what is shown on the listing, that is my promise to you. 

    Crystals are cleansed and charged with sunlight and Rieki so each piece will arrive with a beautiful energy, ready for use. 

  • Dimensions & Helpful Information

    Weight: 298g

    Hight: 10cm

    Depth: 3.6cm

    Width: 7cm