Beautifully Hand Made Flashy Labradorite Moon Gazing Hare

Beautifully Hand Made Flashy Labradorite Moon Gazing Hare


Flashy Labradorite Moon Gazing Hares


Every strand of fur has been carved by hand and you can feel it when you hold them, they're not polished, but rough to the touch and feel so natural and have a beautiful energy.


These pieces are unique! 

No two are the same as they've been individually hand made especiall for The Soul Order. 


In many ancient beliefs and customs the moon gazing hare brings good fortune, new beginnings, new growth, re-birth, and abundance, a sacred animal linked to nature and our relationship with the land.

The Moon Gazing Hare is a sacred symbol of the Goddess Eostre and the coming of the Spring season as well as representing the feminine and fertility.

The hare was thought to be seen in the dark parts of the Moon, well before there was ever a man in the moon.

There's something special about a dark crystal with beautiful flashy surprises.

This Moon Gazing Hare has multiple coloured flashes found within its depths.




This is the stone of spiritual transformation and expansion.

It aids in heightening intuition and psychic abilities and all aspects of higher levels of mind and spirit.

It helps raise consciousness and grounds spiritual energy so you can see why it’s a firm favourite in healing and intuitive work.

Labradorite gives the guardian courage, strength, and focus on any journey or spiritual path involving change of the inner and higher self as well as helping with changes in surroundings.

It brings balance to all who carry or work with it.


Labradorite comes from all over the world and in varying colors, It was first found in Labrador in Canada which is where the name came from, tall tales were told about it, I love the old story that the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, fell from the skies and became trapped in the rocks off the coast of Labrador, some were freed from the rocks by smashing them upon the beach but others became part of the stones and that is what we get lucky enough to find today. 


Hight: 5.4cm

Weight: 32.4g 

  • Helpful Information

    Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo, Gemini

    Planet: Uranus, The Moon

    Element: Air

    Chakra: Third Eye and Crown Chakra

    Numerology: Number Six